Bracelet Sizing Guide

Finding the perfect bracelet size is crucial for both comfort and style. Whether you’re choosing a piece for yourself or as a gift, understanding how to measure and select the right size is essential.

What You’ll Need for Measuring:

  • Flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper
  • A pen (if using a strip of paper)
  • A ruler (if using a strip of paper)

Measuring Your Wrist:

  1. Wrap the Measuring Tool: Place the measuring tape or paper strip around your wrist where the bracelet will sit. It should be snug but not overly tight.
  2. Mark and Measure: With a paper strip, mark where it overlaps, then lay it flat to measure up to the mark with a ruler. For a tape measure, simply read the measurement where it meets the zero mark.
  3. Record Your Measurement: This number is your actual wrist size.

Determining the Perfect Bracelet Size:

  • Snug Fit: Add 1/4 to 1/2 inch to your wrist size.
  • Comfort Fit: Add 3/4 to 1 inch for a bit more looseness.
  • Loose Fit: For a relaxed fit, add 1 1/4 inches.

Bracelet Size Chart (General Guidelines):

  • Child: 5 – 6 inches
  • Teen: 6 – 6.5 inches
  • Small Adult: 6.5 – 7 inches
  • Medium Adult: 7 – 7.5 inches
  • Large Adult: 7.5 – 8 inches
  • Extra Large Adult: 8+ inches

Note: Body sizes vary, so this chart is a general guideline. Where possible, directly measuring the wrist is recommended.

Understanding Different Bracelet Types and Their Sizing:

  • Chain Bracelets: Add 1/2 inch to wrist size.
  • Bangle Bracelets: Measure the hand, not the wrist.
  • Cuff Bracelets: These should be slightly larger than the wrist size.
  • Beaded and Elastic Bracelets: Usually offer some stretch for easy wearing.

Tips for Buying Bracelets from

Bracelet Sizing Guide
  • Read our size guide.
  • Consider adjustable bracelets for gifts.
  • Understand the bracelet type to determine the appropriate added length.

Adjusting Bracelets for a Perfect Fit:

  • Cuff Bracelets: Can be adjusted by gently bending the metal to tighten or loosen the fit around the wrist
  • Link Bracelets: Can be adjusted by adding or removing links.
  • Beaded Bracelets: Can be restrung for size adjustments, we also use adjustable ropes.

Caring for Your Bracelets:

  • Proper storage and regular cleaning are essential for maintaining the bracelet’s appearance and integrity.

Choosing the right bracelet size is vital for ensuring comfort and enhancing style. By understanding how to measure your wrist and familiarizing yourself with different bracelet types, you can confidently select the perfect bracelet every time. Explore a wide range of exquisite and unique bracelet designs at