Viking Jewelry

Viking jewelry was beautifully made, using materials ranging from gold to simple animal bones. Both men and women loved wearing jewelry. The Vikings used both necklaces and neck-rings, similar to the Celtic torc. Neck-rings were generally made from solid metal and were often used as currency

925 Sterling Silver Viking Bracelet Cuff Medieval Style Arm Ring For Men
925 Sterling Silver Viking Bracelet

Viking jewelry was worn by men & women as a sign of wealth and status.

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Viking Necklace

Viking Necklaces and Pendants. Mjolnir Amulet. Mjolnir necklace. Hammer Pendant

Mjolnir necklace

Mjolnir Pendant

thor’s hammer pendant

thor’s hammer necklaces

Viking bracelet

Viking Arm Ring

viking ring

viking jewelry for men

viking jewelry for women

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